All About Graphghans

What is a Graphghan?

A graphghan is a crocheted blanket with an image or graphic pattern. It is done by following a picture graph or written instructions. Graph patterns are made from picture images and then are converted into graphs with numbered grid lines and/or written instructions.

A graph like this (See Image Below) can be used to make a pillow sized  project if using regular stitches such as Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Extended Single Crochet, Double Crochet, and Tunisian Simple Stitch.

Pratice Heart



How to follow a graph to crochet

For regular stitches, one square on the graph is one stitch. For example this chart is 50 squares wide and 50 squares high. If you’re starting with Single crochet or Extended crochet, you will Chain 50 +1. Then you insert your hook in the second loop and you start following your graph. Your starting chain does not count as your first row.

When you read your graph, you start from the right side and go left. Then on your way back you flip your work over, start on the left side and work your way left. Odd rows you start on the right and work to the left. Even rows you start on the left and work towards the right. Continue alternating rows until you complete your project. (See Picture Below)

Pratice Heart 2


Following Written Instructions

Following written patterns are much easier because you’re not counting each block It’s counted for you and you do not necessarily need a picture graph to follow. The first four rows on the graph requires 50 stitches in white. The written will tell you exactly how many stitch of what colors you will need in order to complete your entire graph project.

Practice Heart Written Sample


Your finish project should look something like this: (See Picture Below)17103639_10154926241271291_1545156669169940171_n

This project I decided to do it in Tunisian Simple Stitch which explains the curling at the bottom.


For more help take a look at these  fantastic video tutorials: