New beginnings 

Hello! I am Lila and welcome to my blog! You managed to come by to witness one of my very first blogs ever. This is a huge milestone for me as I am taking my crochet hobby to the next level. By doing this, my hopes are to help inspire anyone to wanting to try this awesome and rewarding hobby no matter what skill set.

Let me start off with a quick and short introduction of myself. I am almost 30 years young (hah), I originated from San Jose, California before moving to Alabama about 8 years ago. I have been married to my amazing, wonderful, and supportive husband, Chad for 3 years. We have two adorable daughters, Lilly and Anna aged 3 and 1. I started crocheting November of 2015 and took off from there.

My hopes for this blog is to share everything awesome, amazing, and out of this world projects of crochet! I will be posting a lot of my most recent works and I will absolutely post links and reviews of any patterns I have used! I am here to answer questions, share ideas, and hopefully teach those wanting to learn the craft. (My crochet beginners tutorial videos for YouTube are in the works!)

So grab a coffee or your favorite beverage and have a look around. Enjoy and be sure to visit my shop!



Birmingham based, lover of all things crochet and crafty!

6 thoughts on “New beginnings 

    1. You’re so welcome! I was reading your blog and you have such beautiful creations. I wish I were brave enough to make wearables such as clothing! Likewise, I look forward to see more of your work. 🙂


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